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So here it goes. I'm going to start using this blog; hopefully. I was directed onto this site about 3 months ago by a friend of mind who recommended it. I hadn't actually been back until today. I guess this is quite an awesome website as you are able to meet people of different ages and walks of life. People are all brought together by one single thing.
Some people on here have the most interesting lives, mine however is far from that. Trust me. But like everyone else; I have my stories to tell. They may not be as interesting to some but I guess it will:
1) Be a way to get things off my back.
2) To find people who have been through/going through similar situations.

No-one ever truly knows how one person feels but one would imagine people going through similar situations will understand the feelings even though they may not understand the reactions of others. Maybe I'll find some people on here with the same perceptions of life as me. Maybe I'll find people on here that will open my eyes to new walks of life. 

Right now I'm like a little lost puppy and honestly I need to find myself; hence why I'm here; to figure it all out.

Let's see how it goes.


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